Name Changes
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Name Changes

  • Anti Nausea Vertigo is now In-Vert
  • Arthritis Pain Relief is now Total Pain Support
  • Burned Out is now AliveColon-Eq is now System- Eq
  • Depress-X is now Alive
  • Sugar Balance is now Sugar Metabolizer
  • Echinacea Plus Goldenseal is now Attack
  • Female Menopause is now Menopause
  • Inflam-D is now INF-D
  • Inflam-X is now INF-X
  • Kidney Helper is now Kidney Support
  • Combo of Prostate Aid and Prostate Support is now Prostate Complex
  • Relax is now Tense-X
  • Sinus Allergi is now Sinus
  • Spirulina is now Green Complex
  • Worm Parasite is now WP Detox

Condensed Formulas

  • Krill Omega has been replaced with pure krill oil as EPA and DHA in krill are complexed into phospholipids, as opposed to triglycerides in fish oil, increasing efficiency of assimilation into cells and tissues.
  • Improved “Energi” formulation now has the added power of “Adaptostym” adding powerful adaptogens that increase overall energy at a cellular level.
  • Improved “ADR Complex” formulation now has the added power of “Gland Aid” to improve overall function of the endocrine glands and increase function of the HPA Axis.
  • Cal/Mag + Boron now has the added power of Zinc for better absorption.
  • Improved “Age Rejuve” formulation now has the combined power of Age Defi, Toco Rejuve, and Ox Redux for a complete anti-aging formulation.
  • Improved “Tense-X” Formulation has combined power of “Sleep Eaze”, “Relax”, “Tense Eaze”, & “Relaxall”, including the addition of 5 HTP, for the ultimate relaxation formula.
  • New and Improved “Sugar Metabolizer” has combined power of “Clear -Vision” and “Sugar Balance” to improve processing of sugar by the body.
  • Improved “Joint Repair” formulation now has added power of “Ligatone/Disc Support” for the ultimate joint and disc support product.


  • Adaptostym - Has been combined into Energi
  • Ox Redux - Has been combined into Age Rejuve
  • Toco Rejuve - Has been combined into Age Rejuve
  • Mental Clarity - Has been combined into Mental Clarity +
  • Flora-Vegi Non milk - Has been combined into Vegie Zymes
  • Ultimate Krill - Has been combined into Pure Krill

Other Changes

  • Joint Repair and Ligatone Disc Aid Combined into "Ligatone Joint Complex"
  • Potassium Complex and Ultimate Potassium combined into Potassium"
  • Age Defi Renamed "Replenish"
  • Stress Complex moved from tablet to capsule, serving size changed from 2 tablets to 3 caps, now a 90ct bottle.
  • Ultimate Vita/Min moved from tablet to capsule.

Overall Changes To Everything

  • All products have been moved to Vegetable Capsule – Making most products Vegan friendly.
  • A now updated adaptogenic blend has been added back into every product. AdPT®: Eleuthero, Cordyceps, Rhodiola Rosea, Reishi, Ashwagandha, & Jiaogulan - With an upped dosage of 17 mg.